Cat Grooming

How we started…

We started grooming cats a few years after opening Not Just Poodles to help owners deal with their cats that were matted. At first, we did not have a lot of experience and our priority was helping make cats comfortable.
Debbie and I (Katie) now work together to groom cats, two pairs of hands make it a lot easier than one! Over the years we have worked with a variety of cat breeds and expanded our knowledge on them and the best methods to groom them. We are not aesthetic cat groomers and are not specialised in cat styling. However, we have expert knowledge in cat behaviour and are confident and competent in handling cats, including those more nervous or aggressive. Helping them become used to grooming that is necessary for their welfare.

Our Services…

We aim to help maintain cats’ natural coats and prevent discomfort from tangling through regular brushing, maintenance trimming or bathing. Cats with long hair (such as ragdolls, Maine Coons and Persians) need regular brushing to remove dead coats and prevent matts developing. We advise owners that need a bit of extra help to keep to a grooming schedule of 8-12 weeks depending on how much they can do at home. Bringing cats in regularly will keep the coat in great condition and allows us to help manage difficult areas such as the belly and underarms. Areas that we know our customers often struggle to deal with, due to wriggly cats! We also offer dematting where we can clip out matts that are too tight and uncomfortable for the cat to brush out.

Let us know if you have any enquiries about cat grooming or need help with your feline friend.

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