Welcome to Not Just Poodles

We are a friendly, established grooming salon and small pet store in Seaford

We are vet recommended and offer a stress free, safe and clean environment, using good quality products and equipment

All of our groomers are fully qualified and regularly attend seminars and workshops

Our priority is the care and wellbeing of your pet, where each is treated as one of our own

Debbie x

Highly recommend. Skilled groomers and knowledgeable staff.

Kate McKay - Customer

Hints & Tips

Grass Seeds

Are biggest problem we see during the summer months.

Grass seeds get trapped between the toes under the armpit in the dogs’ ear. The seeds are like arrow heads and if not removed, the seed works its way into the skin not only causing infection but often has to be surgically removed at great expense!!
Please check your dogs’ feet and armpits regularly. For dogs with very hairy feet it is really worth having them cut back short during the summer months as part of your groom or just have a paw tidy.


If your dog sleeps in the house and cannot escape!! It’s a good idea to remove the collar, especially over night. Sleeping in a collar is the second reason for dogs getting severely matted hair around their necks (primary reason is ineffective brushing!!), it may also lead to bare patches where the collar has rubbed the coat away even on smooth coated dogs


Most dogs and cats enjoy being brushed, grooming sessions will strengthen the bond between you and your pet, while maintaining a healthy coat. The type of brush depends on hair type. Feel free to pop in and we can advise you on the best equipment to use.

...Where care and well being comes first...

Amazing all round service, my dog looked beautiful. Fantastic value for money. 5 Stars!

Lena Tudor - Customer



We offer a range of services from cutting out a matt, to a full pamper. On arrival you will be welcomed by a groomer and have a pre-groom consultation. All of our groomers are fully qualified and offer breed standard haircuts as well as pet trims.

We use top quality products that are kind to your dog as well as the environment.

Nail Trim

A walk-in service

no appointment necessary, but if your dog is nervous please call so we can arrange a quiet time (£5.00).

Paw Tidy

Very important in the summer months, particularly given the paw’s arch nemesis - the grass seed – is out in full force.


  • Nail trim
  • Trimming pads
  • Removing any matts
  • Trimming long hairs on top and between toes
  • All for £14.00
  • All the above, plus feet washed and dried: £22.00

Hand Stripping

Can only be done on certain coat types and if the coat is ready. If you are unsure about the coat type or when it can be done, you can pop in at any time and we can have a look for you, and go through what needs doing


  • Full handstrip
  • Scissor areas that cannot be stripped (sometimes groin, bottom)
  • Nails
  • Bath using specialised shampoo
  • Pawdicure
  • Gentle dry
  • Ears cleaned/plucked
  • Small dog with light coat from £30.00
  • Border Terriers £48.00
  • Cockers £39-£50 00 depending on coat
  • Medium dogs from £50.00
  • Large dogs from £55.00

Prices are approximately £10.00 more than a clip


We always use two people to groom cats to make the groom as quick and rexlaxing as possible. Special prices available for 4 week brush outs.

Prices start from £25.00

Please phone for further information.


If your dog just needs a quick bath and part dry because he’s rolled in something smelly!! Or just needs a quick freshen up…


  • Nails
  • Bath and part dry
  • (No grooming)
  • Small dogs from £10.00
  • Medium dogs from £15.00
  • Large dogs from £20.00

Bath and Tidy

This is ideal between full grooms, keeping your pet matt free, a lovely freshen up


  • Pre-groom consultation
  • Suitable shampoo/conditioner
  • Bath with gentle massage
  • Blow dry
  • Pawdicure
  • Foot tidy
  • Ear clean
  • Bottom and eye trim
  • Coat finishing spray
  • Small dogs from £13.00
  • Medium dogs from £15.00
  • Large dogs from £25.00

Full Pamper

This is for pets requiring the works! It can be a smooth or double coat, requiring a full de-shed or coats that need clipping or scissoring. All grooming should be as relaxing as possible, so on average two hours is allowed. We offer special prices for pets that come every four-to-six weeks.

The wellbeing of your pet is most important to us, so matted dogs will be clipped off as this is the kindest way to groom. Normally there is no extra charge, but if a dog is very severely matted and requires extra time, there will be an extra charge between £5.00-£15.00 depending on size.


  • Pre groom consultation
  • Ears cleaned and plucked if necessary
  • Pawdicure
  • Brush out
  • Bath with light massage using suitable shampoo/conditioner
  • Dry using a dryer that is suitable for your pet
  • Coat de-shed or Coat clipped/scissor styled to breed standard or to owners personal requirements
  • Finishing spray
  • Paw balm


Your puppy will be cared for and have a gentle introduction to grooming, as it needs to be a positive and enjoyable experience. Puppies can come in after their second vaccination.


  • Warm bath
  • Puppy shampoo
  • Gentle blow dry
  • Nail check/trim
  • Trim in front of eyes and bottom if necessary
  • Finishing spray

Grooms start from £10.00 and gradually increases as the puppy gets bigger

Senior Citizens

Our baths and tables come down low to the ground, we take extra special care to keep your pet comfortable using two people so their groom takes as little time as possible, at no extra charge. For very large breeds we can do it over two days. Breaks are given if necessary. Please let us know when making your appointment if your dog is elderly.


If your pet has been unwell, has any lumps or bumps, or is on medication, please let us know as we are happy to use vetinary prescribed shampoos. It is also important to tell us if your pet is nervous or aggressive. We are quite happy to groom difficult dogs, but when booking, let us know so we can allocate an appropriate time to care for your dog accordingly.

Please feel free to pop in or call us with any questions.

Products Used


All products are made in England using an acclaimed independent boutique apothecary. A diverse mixture of plant botanicals and oils have been combined to make these 100% natural ph balanced shampoos. Products contain no parabens, phthalates, phosphates, sulfates, petrochemicals, or synthetic fragrances.

For more info visit www.wildwash.co.uk


Mutneys shanpoos are made in the UK, using human grade, bio degradable, natural ingredients. The shampoos are hypo-allergenic, ph balance and contain no harmful 'P' chemicals.

For more info visit www.mutneys.com


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